The strength of the group


Trentin Impianti

The lifeblood of the Group, the division ranging from planning, implementation and maintenance of civilian, industrial, agri-food, telecommunications, etc. plants. Founded in 2000, the Company has been developing thanks to its constant quest for systems and technologies in the area of plant engineering. A reference point for any needs of installations at all levels, as proven by a growing number of satisfied Customers.


Gestione Energia

Producing and managing energy in the place where it is consumed to save today and in the future. Increasingly efficient photovoltaic installations, state-of-the-art accumulators, high-yield heat pumps. Simple plants installed by competent professionals. Technological intelligence which is safe for the environment and let you save on your bills. Did you think about it?



Buildopia best represents every single company of our network. Partner companies providing with products and services, selected for their skills, qualities and references within the territory. Valid trading agents who promote and sell their products as well as report any new business opportunities to their colleagues, the companies of the network and the professionals who cooperate with us. A viral network based on positive information and contacts in the interlinked construction sector.


Soundbag Service

Soundbag offers audio and video services for every occasion. Passion, quality, but above all efficiency are the values on which our Company is based. Thanks to our staff we are able to meet any requirements. Soundbag boasts an efficient and well-organised structure. Here are but a few of our services: sound and light systems for concerts, shows, live events and conferences.