Trentin S.r.l. creates civil plumbing systems with the main aim of guaranteeing proper operation, combined in the long term with constant, on-the-spot maintenance for top quality service, with careful planning and execution of extremely high-quality plumbing and drainage systems, using state-of-the-art materials. Planning and creation of plumbing systems both in new builds and during renovation of homes, villas, shops and offices.
Trentin S.r.l. deals with the installation of both split and ducted air conditioning systems, radiator and under-floor heating systems, renovation of bathrooms and plumbing/drainage systems.

Trentin S.r.l. designs and installs industrial plumbing and drainage systems, supplying extremely high quality, reliable materials and brands that allow maximisation of the system lifespan
and above all allow a reduction in running and maintenance costs.
Trentin S.r.l. also installs fire-fighting systems, heat pumps and boiler systems.