• Civilian electrical installations
  • Trentin S.r.l. plans and creates civil electric systems both in new builds and during renovation of homes, villas, shops and offices. Every plan and installation is able to respond to specific needs while complying with regulations, sizing the systems according to the customer’s actual requirements, and always providing maximum functionality and safety.
    Trentin S.r.l. deals with the installation of central lighting systems, power supplies for household appliances, connection of thermostats and relevant air conditioning and heating systems, electric doors and windows, telephone and data transmission systems, TV aerial connections and stereo and broadcasting systems, audio and video intercom systems, electrical lift systems, and designs security systems complete with installation of cables for video surveillance, access control, burglar alarms, fire alarms and gas leak warning systems.

  • Industrial electrical installations
  • Trentin S.r.l. designs and installs industrial electrical and automation systems, either new or during renovation and requalification of existing industrial and commercial buildings, in order to achieve energy savings. It supplies and installs structured wiring systems for machine electric panels and for all types of automation system, command and control panels, UPS systems and both small and large scale current generators. It creates power distribution systems and panels for industries and for work sites of all sizes, from small workshops using low voltage, to large industrial plants using medium voltage and transformer cabins.

  • Service sector
  • Trentin S.r.l. creates and designs new electrical systems and renovates systems in public areas such as gyms, schools, hotels, tourist structures, hospitals, sports centres and banks.

  • Automation and domotics
  • Trentin S.r.l. plans and installs home automation systems, both ex novo and as an integration to existing systems, and offers the option of upgrading obsolete systems. Experienced electricians are in charge of design, wiring and ordinary maintenance of the home automation system, customising every system to fit the living needs of the individual customer. Home automation systems are intelligent electric systems that help improve the safety of homes and buildings, as well as improving energy savings and allowing management, via a single system, of alarms, safety systems, video surveillance, closed-circuit TV, electric blinds, electric gates and anything else that is to be remote controlled.
    Using this type of plant, Trentin S.r.l. develops building automation systems: you can plan when to turn household appliances, air conditioning, heating systems and connected elements on and off, allowing full management even from a distance.

  • Audio and video installations
  • Trentin S.r.l. creates and designs audio and video systems in co-operation with Soundbag service.