Energy efficiency

Given the experience acquired over the years, our company has committed itself to the development of energy efficiency projects, as required by the new ``Decreto Rilancio``, with the ``turnkey`` formula.
After a feasibility check, our team coordinates the entire intervention, thanks to the collaboration of the best professionals in the sector. Furthermore, all the necessary practices are followed, in collaboration with an engineering firm, making the design process quick and fully assisted.

  • Photovoltaic installations
  • Produce your solar energy during the day and then consume it straight within your home according to your own needs.

  • Acculumators
  • Accumulate and maintain the energy produced by solar panels within a special battery case.
    During the day can save the energy produced by the solar panels using the accumulated energy and, by night, consuming that accumulated in the battery case.

  • Heat pumps
  • Keep yourself warm and get hot water for sanitary use at home thanks to a heat pump that produces four times as much heat in relation to electricity consumption

  • External therm insulation
  • A good coat made and laid in a workmanlike manner guarantees important energy savings and better living comfort.

  • Doors and windows
  • The installation of high-performance windows is a fundamental choice for creating a house in the name of energy saving and eco-sustainability.

  • Solar shields
  • With a solar shading outside the house, the temperature inside can be reduced by 70%, favoring energy savings and minimizing carbon dioxide emissions, one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect.